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These are the Most Popular Online Casino Games of The Year


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Jan 17, 2015
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The demand for digital pastimes has been steadily increasing, especially in recent weeks. Poker, blackjack and roulette, slots and live casino games are all among the most popular offerings from providers on the web. But what are the top games this year? On sites like you can find the newest offers.

Roulette and Black Jack - casino classics

Classics like blackjack and roulette still top the list of online casino games. Roulette comes from the French language and can be translated into German as 'cog'. It is one of the most traditional games of chance in the world and has been offered mainly in casinos for many years. Players bet on numbers or specific attributes of numbers. These are determined by the random process of the ball. Today, roulette is played according to almost the same rules all over the world. The only difference is in the rules for games or events with double zéro.

The most commonly played card game is Black Jack. It comes from the French vingt (et) un - twenty-one. The card game of chance is played on a semi-circular table. The croupier stands on the even numbered side. On the opposite side are the seven players in play position. In total there are 312 cards against the croupier. blackjack cards are in bridge format with oversized index characters. The object of this game is to approach blackjack with two or more cards. Under no circumstances can a player get more than 21 points with a card. Many casinos offer generous bonuses and discounts to their users time and time again, which adds to the attractiveness of the game.

Slot machines and live games in digital casinos

Slot machines are a fairly popular category. These are the slot machines that many people know from the arcades, pubs or bars. Initially, they were electronically operated devices with screens. On the side, the player inserts coins. It was more about entertainment and the hope of hitting the jackpot. Many different slot machines developed on the simple gaming principle of reels and paylines, and they also played their charms digitally.

Live casino games promise special excitement, with individual players sitting in front of computers at the same time and competing against each other. There is no user playing against the computer. Bets are placed just as in a real casino. The only advantage is that neither a tuxedo nor a dinner jacket is required, only a stable Internet access.

A lot is going to happen in the online gambling market, especially in 2021. In the middle of this year, the new National Gambling Treaty will come into force and with it clear and uniform licensing regulations. This will make it easier for players to choose a provider online. Reputable casinos are not just concerned with unlimited gaming fun. They value responsible gaming for players who are at risk of gambling addiction. Requirements for user protection, privacy and serious dealings with casinos will lead to a market where only the best prevails.

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