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Jan 17, 2015
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You are about to discover the easiest way to make money on sports, where you can expect to double your bankroll in just a few months.

Using value betting as an investment method, you have a well deserved edge over the bookmaker.

  • Bet on overpriced odds and beat the bookmakers​
  • Easy to learn​
  • Works with smaller bankrolls​

What is value betting?

A value bet is a bet where the probability of a given outcome is greater than the bookmakers odds reflect. When value betting you take advantage of the bookmakers overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability. You will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the odds on offer.

How to find value in sports

In sports, we cannot know the exact probability for a given match. However, some bookmakers have proven that they are extremely good at determining odds that reflects the actual probability of an outcome. A value betting service like ValueBetting, scans millions of odds at any given time and will find these value bet situations for you.

By evaluating these so called “sharp” bookmaker’s odds, taking betting bias and market efficiency into account, the ValueBetting service can determine the true odds for any given match and also know when other bookmakers odds are wrong.

As an example; value betting situations in sports can occur when new information enters the market. For instance, if the line-up changes or if a key player gets injured. The sharpest bookmakers would automatically adjust the odds for that game according to this new information. Other bookmakers will follow, but it could take minutes or even hours before they adjust their odds according to the market changes. These bookmakers will still show odds that doesn’t reflect the new probability of the outcome. Some bookmakers also set higher odds because of market reasons, or well-known betting biases like customers overvaluing long shots and winning streaks.

As a result of this, there will always be inconsistencies in the odds offered by the bookmakers. This means there will always be plenty of value betting situations to profit from.

Value betting as investment method

Value betting is not complicated to learn and you can expect high profits over time. By using a value betting service like ValueBetting, it’s not uncommon to double your starting capital in just a few months.

It’s easy to get started. Value betting doesn't require you to have a big bankroll when starting out. And you don’t need to register with a lot of bookmakers (unless you want to). The set up is simple. You only need to allocate some capital to invest (you can start out with a few hundred pounds) and register with a few bookmakers (you can start with just one and add more later on when you’re more experienced).

You bet on a single odds that has value on one outcome of a match. This means that value betting is not risk-free, as you will still lose bets. But since the odds you bet on have an expected value, you will profit long term. Value betting is not about short term gains, it’s about making long term profit. It is the perfect investment method for you who can handle risk and variance and want an easy way to make money.

What kind of results can you expect ?

How much you profit stands in proportion to how much time and money you invest. If you place around 30 bets per day, you will on average double your bankroll in 3 months. Or triple your bankroll after 6000 placed value bets. These are the average results of ValueBetting users, and your result can of course be both lower and higher.

The profit graphs and numerous customer testimonials speak for themselves. Backtests have proven an average yield of 5.6% (profit per pound invested) and the results were statistically highly significant.

If you are curious to start investing to see this for yourself, you can try out the ValueBetting service risk-free with a 100% Profit Guarantee.
  • There’s a steady stream of value bets waiting for you. The ValueBetting scanner (available on both mobile and software) compare 90 bookmakers and millions of odds every minute.​
  • It takes little time – placing a value bet only takes a few seconds.​
  • You only need a small number of bookmakers, three is plenty in the beginning. You can start with just one!​
  • Works with smaller bankrolls​

Try ValueBetting today and enjoy the easiest way to make money on sports.

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