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    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    So you're telling me that when your team scores in the local derby and the players rush over to the supporters you just stand and clap? Unless you are sitting, then that is absolute rubbish. Of course the fans are going to come up against the fence and celebrate with the players. A fence/barrier...
  2. AldershotSam

    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    The Woking barriers breaking yet again. You'd think they would strengthen it considering it has happened before
  3. AldershotSam

    Match Day Boxing Day fixtures

    Very dominant performance, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Other than scoring more goals nothing at all could've made it any better. Looking forward to New Years Day now, maybe Woking will give us a bit more of a game.
  4. AldershotSam


    Haha I take it he didn't have a very good spell at York then? He has been man of the match for 2 games in a row now and has made his 240th appearance for Aldershot Town.
  5. AldershotSam


    Jim Kellerman was sent of for this challenge at the weekend, much to most of the grounds astonishment. Apparently even the Eastbourne commentator said he was surprised he was sent off. It is a one footed challenge and he got the ball 100%, yes his studs are up but is that really a red card...
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    This is my first time making a thread (I usually just sit back and read threads on here) and I hope that i'm not repeating anybody's previous thread. Over some of our recent fixtures, games have imho been ruined by poor refereeing. you may say 'ohh its just because you lost', but I and others...
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    October 1st National League (proper) fixtures

    York City 0-1 Aldershot Town. 8 matches unbeaten.
  8. AldershotSam

    October 1st National League (proper) fixtures

    Stick to your earlier prediction. 2-3 at half time. :lol:
  9. AldershotSam

    13th September matchday thread

    1-1 draw against Boreham Wood. I'll take it as they had the joint best defence coming into the game along with us.
  10. AldershotSam

    The Wadfather part II

    The Wadfather part II
  11. AldershotSam

    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2016/17

    As did we. Probably to do with the Premier League unfortunately.
  12. AldershotSam

    Saturday, August 13th

    An enjoyable afternoon. Good attractive football played by us. We made it look easy against a sloppy, tired looking Wrexham side. Outplayed them in every area of the pitch. Viva Gary Waddock
  13. AldershotSam

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    We are all jealous of your lovely club :pmsl: