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    Millwall vs Crewe Alexandra

    It kills you when we don't lose, which makes smile and laugh even more you fucking arsehole :fl:
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    Crewe Alex 1-1 Wigan

    "Holier than thou" you really are a fucking tool, the fact that some fans want change but can still applaud the team when they have done ok messes with your tiny mind, pricks like you have to have a downer on all things Alex, to the point of actually wanting us to lose so you can keep your...
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    Crewe Alex 1-1 Wigan

    Great post, I don't get the moaners on here who say they 'hate the club' and can't bring themselves to praise the team when they put in a performance, like you say, most of us know we are in a mess, most of us want wholesale changes, but as supporters of Crewe Alexandra we 'support' the team...
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    Traditional league club v traditional non league club

    Think the Alex might get a 2-2 draw out of this, Wigwam have built up a head of steam since they undeservedly beat us in August, they certainly look a good bet for the play offs, crowd of 5,700ish, with lattics bringing the full allocation.
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    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 22/23

    But we are not in the same 'region' as them, we are from the uber cool North West, they are just midlanders. Good effort from Vale mind, though so was ours given current circumstances.
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    Crewe Alex v Shrewsbury

    Told me what ringpiece?
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    Swindon v Crewe Alex

    So the board must realise that season ticket sales will crash, so what are they keeping quiet about and why no action, a lot of people dismiss HS2 and the ground being sold, but what else cannot it be, they have acted in the past with Holland and Frauderson, for much less than the run of bad...
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    Swindon v Crewe Alex

    3-3, waiting for incoming "what you saying now" type posts :animatedf:
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    Swindon v Crewe Alex

    2-3, 2-5 to the Alex this will be :animatedf:
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    Crewe Alex v Shrewsbury

    Only just seen these posts, now even though it is 3-1 to the Alex at half time away at Swindon this is not a, "what you saying now buddy" type post, this is me saying I give credit where credit is due, if we play well I say so, regardless of who the manager is (who I want gone) and the current...
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    Crewe Alex v Shrewsbury

    The Alex played well for most of that game, if we had scored 5 or 6 then Salop (or whatever they call themselves) could have had no complaints, we threw everything into that 2nd half. Adam King had a decent game, JJ is a proggs crewe mad fucktard who has to have a whipping boy, his opinion is...
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    Doncaster v Crewe Alex

    Yellow Teeth is over excited after the circus 'fisted' Scunny 1-1.
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    Port Vale up for Sale

    He is an attention seeking biff, but ,maybe he has pulled a masterstroke in taking the talk from off the team and the fact that the club have lost out on a big pay day against Liverpool. On the other hand, for all his investment maybe he is naffed off at the poor home crowds, (Vale barely get...
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    Colchester 2-3 Crewe Alex

    But surely it would cost us more than £80k if (when) we go down in season ticket sales alone, I am not great at maths but if on average season tickets were £280 then we would only need about 280 not to renew and there is £80k, and thats before sponsorship, general match day income, merchandise...
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    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    Jesus Christ, 'fans' like you are just as a bad as those that can't see there is a problem. The Alex are in a slump, so off you toddle to a team that are winning, I bet if Nantwich were not winning you would go no where near the c***. Please don't come crawling back when Nantwich fall to pieces...