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  1. Silver Stone

    2019-20 National League South

    Yikes, forgot about this place. Though to be fair, talking about Stones isn't something I've wanted to do much the last couple of years. Decent start for us, and we actually walloped a team this week! Can't remember last time that happened.
  2. Silver Stone

    The Bury summer signing uberthread. WARNING - Contains tinpot material

    Fuck. I was hoping they'd find a way out of this, Bolton too. Shakers fans have my deepest sympathies, from someone who knows first hand what it feels like. Love from Maidstone
  3. Silver Stone

    Worst town in the National League.

    At least the 'Stone isn't a bad town, unlike many of its neighbours.
  4. Silver Stone

    2019-20 National League South

    I don't mind this, going to Dartford/Dulwich/Welling will be fun... for a year or two anyway, when I'll be itching to go back up again.
  5. Silver Stone

    National league fixtures 01/09/2018

    Long way to go for a spanking. Who knows, maybe Jay getting the sack will give the players a kick in the rear.
  6. Silver Stone

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    They haven't got a Scooby is what that means.
  7. Silver Stone

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    Well, he may have... but still, I apologise for the cheap shot.
  8. Silver Stone

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    Well, Macclesfield, so it would have been one and done in the FL ;)
  9. Silver Stone

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    Wow, okay then. My thoughts also. Please don't just bump Watt to be manager...
  10. Silver Stone

    Bank Holiday Monday (27/8/2018) fixtures

    What a shower that was. Relegation certs on that showing.
  11. Silver Stone

    National League Fixtures - 25/8/18

    Great, we'll be treated to 2 hours of BT sport mixing our names up tomorrow. It's worth going along just so I don't have to hear it.
  12. Silver Stone

    FAO the Brotherhood etc

    IIRC Gravesend are an original Alliance Premier side too, despite renaming themselves after a train station.
  13. Silver Stone

    National League Fixtures - 18/8/2018

    We lost to a bunch of teams nobody’s ever heard of on our road back, I think the most egregious I recall was losing to something called Sidlesham in the Vase. I think they were no better than some Sussex park outfit.
  14. Silver Stone

    Season Tickets

    In previous years our site did frequent updates, this year not so much. Last update was a week and a half ago and we were at 700 *shrug*
  15. Silver Stone

    2018-19 Isthmian League Thread ("Bostik" if you must)

    I guess their half team of ex Stones didn’t come cheap... or work out. I’d still probably have Mills back.