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    Shoe Army

    Shoe Army
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    Teyn at the Den

    Im hoping for a nice win even if it is JPT im going 2-1 to no one likes us
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    Cobblers vs Monkey Hangers

    I think it will be a 3-1 win to the town Lawson, Rico and JJOT to get the goals unless we get any injuries during the millwall game
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    Cobblers vs O's

    It will be an interesting i am hoping for a 7-0 win but i think it will be 2-1 to the town hoskins and cressy to get on thee score sheet
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    Cobblers vs Daggers

    goal of the season candidate
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    Club Legends/Club favourites

    name some of your club legends or your personal favourites for your club 1.Ian Sampson 2.Ben Tozer 3.John Frain 4.Leon Mackenzie 5.Adebayo Akinfenwa
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    Cobblers vs Daggers

    definitely a true goalscorers goal I mean the skill to put that in is tremendous
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    Cobblers vs Daggers

    Today was a day where our luck ran out and the daggers finally got there luck they deserved
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    Sergei's Final Table Predictions 15-16

    Im doing pretty good when my prediction was probably the worst
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    Sept Lge 2 Prediction

    Dagenham(H)-win Oxford(H)-Draw Morecambe(A)-win Leyton Orient(H)-loss Wimbledon(A)-Draw
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    Rivalries (real, tinpot and imagined)

    Unicorn derby:Coventry Actual Derby: Peterborough They wish it was: Bletchley fc Secondary:Luton,Mansfield,Oxford,Cambridge,Wycombe,Shrewsbury even chesterfield we have history with and Bletchley fc
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    League 2 away attendances 2015/16

    league 2 away attendances