Are Free Bets Still Useful in 2021?


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Are Free Bets Still Useful in 2021?​

Free bets and bonuses often get undeserved attacks. But it is easy to see why. Most betting bonuses come with too many terms and conditions. And often times, sportsbooks limit the amount you can win from a bonus.

Still, to be clear, our goal in this article is to explain why free bets are great tools that can help you make money risk free. We’ll also explain how to find the best bonuses to help you save on time and to maximize your profits from these freebies.

How do you find Free Bets?

In this age of the Internet, you don’t need to leave your home to get a free bonus. Bookies online are constantly dishing out bonuses to anyone that cares to claim them. Usually, the only requirements are to create a free account or to make a deposit.

Of course, everyone wants a bonus that doesn’t involve depositing money to a betting app. Unfortunately, these freebies are few, small in size and have strict terms regarding how to withdraw your profits.

Owing to that backdrop, the best bonuses involve making at least one bet using real cash. For example, you can bet £10 at betting app to receive £30 worth of free bets. Or you can deposit £100 to receive a 100% match on your deposit amount.

Why do Sportsbooks Give out Free Bets?

Free bets give you an opportunity to beat the bookmakers without taking any risks. Wait a minute. Why would any betting website give you such an opportunity? Bookies give out free bets UK for several reasons. They include:

  • Winning over new customers
  • Beating the competition
  • Rewarding loyal customers
  • Promoting an app, payment method or sports event

That said, most betting companies don’t give you bonuses without rules. This is how they are able to dish out bonuses without becoming bankrupt. The main condition dictates that you need to spend a certain amount of money at the app before you can withdraw your winnings.

Let’s say you claim a £30 bonus after placing a qualifier bet worth £10. Then you win £40. However, there’s a condition for spending 2x your bonus amount before you can cashout your £40 profit.

Your bonus was worth £30, meaning you have to spend at least £60 at the website. There’s always a chance you can make more money in the process. But you could also lose, helping the bookmaker recoup some of the money it awarded you as a bonus.

What Kinds of Betting Bonuses Exist?

Free bets come in all forms and shapes. You don’t need to claim all these rewards. Instead, your focus should be to find the best bonuses. Below is an outlook of different bonuses and why betting companies give them out:

  1. No Deposit Free Bets

This bonus is the easiest bonus to claim at a betting app. You sign up for an account using an email address. Then you receive a free bet. Look for a no deposit bonus worth real money. That way, you can cashout your profits.

  1. First Deposit Bonus

This is every bookie’s favorite bonus. They give you this freebie after you create an account and make your first deposit of at least £10. Depending on the site, you can receive a 100% matched bonus. Or you can get £30 or £50 after spending your initial £10 deposit.

  1. Reload Bonus

At some betting apps, you receive a bonus every time you make a deposit. However, you can’t qualify for this bonus unless you’re a regular customer. You qualify for the freebie for every deposit you make or every first deposit of the week—the rules vary from one sportsbook to another.

  1. Major Sports Event Bonus

Many betting companies run promotions every time there’s a major sports tournament or game. Let’s say it’s the Champions League final. You’ll usually find invitations to claim bonuses related to the event.

  1. Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses come in many types. Reload bonuses are one of the forms. The rewards could also come in the form of a cashback. If you bet £10 and lose the money, you could collect 10% of it (£1) as a cashback.

Cashback aside, some betting brands have VIP programs for all their customers. Everyone starts at the first tier and climb their way to the top. Rewards for being a VIP range from free bets to free sports tickets.

How Can you make Money using a Free Bet?

Now, we’ve come to the juiciest part of this guide: how to turn your free bet into crispy, hard cash.

Step One: Choose a Good Free Bet

The first step is to look for a great bonus. An example is a £30 bonus you receive after making your first £10 deposit. Also, it needs to have friendly terms and conditions. The explanation is that you need a bonus that makes it easy to win and withdraw your profits.

Step Two: Pick a High-Value Bet

You can use free bets on wager on dozens of Premier League games. Take time to find the right match. The goal is to find a bet type that will help you win as much money as possible. Accumulators and single bets involving long odds are great.

With an accumulator, you can magnify your profits tremendously. Choose an app with an accumulator booster and you could win a lot more than many betting websites allow. As mentioned, though, look for value.

Don’t just accumulate bets. Research to find teams with great chances of winning even though they have long odds. That’s what a value odd is all about.

Step Three: Cashout

If you’re lucky and win from your free bet, next is to withdraw the profits. Some bookies allow you to keep both your winnings and the initial bet amount. But most of the companies take back their betting amount. All the same, you made a profit from free money.

In light of that information, look for more bonuses and find great matches to help maximize your profits.
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