Goodison Park- Everton FC Ground Guide


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Jan 17, 2015
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Goodison Park - Everton FC Ground Guide

How Easy Was The Ground to Get To (from the station, by car, etc)

Ive never been to Goodison by train, but it is not the most convenient I know that. Most will obviously enter the city via Lime Street, and from there, its probably just as easy to get a taxi as it is to get the train nearer. Kirkdale is the nearest, but even thats still a trek.
To drive, most from outside the city will probably come from the M62, and from there it's a straight road down Queen's Drive to Utting Avenue, then down Priory Road to the ground.

If Applicable, How is Parking Near The Ground?
Having been to every big ground now, I think we're quite well off at Goodison. In terms of numbers, you wont find many clubs with as much spaces as the big car park in Stanley Park. Plenty of other places to pay and park too on Walton Lane, Cherry Lane and Utting Avenue, and thats just from the end of the ground I come from. As it is, if you dont mind walking a little bit and want a quick getaway after the game, there is loads of free parking on Cherry Lane that I use every week.

Based on Where You Were Sat, How Was the View?
Ive sat in every area of the ground except the Top Balcony and Family Enclosure. If you're an away fan, and have the choice, go in the Upper Bullens, as the Lower is so hit and miss with some shocking views, your chances of getting a good view are greatly increased by going in the upper. The Paddock is unobscured, but also much of it is low down and uncovered, so again, you'd be better choosing the upper first, Paddock second, lower last. If you're coming as a neutral or home fan, the Park End is the only modern stand in the ground, but also the most expensive. The Lower Gwladys is the cheapest, and only has pillars towards the back, so as long as you're around halfway up, its one of the better places to sit in the ground.

If You Ate at The Ground, How Would You Rate the Food?
I dont eat in the ground. Havent done since we got rid of the Big Boy Steak Pies!

How Was The Atmosphere At The Ground, From Both Sets of Supporters? Does the Stadium Hold the Noise?
Ive seen Goodison at its best and worst. On its day, I havent been to better in this country. Those days are few and far between though like most grounds in England now. If you want a game with a decent atmosphere, go to the Liverpool or United games, or pick a midweek game or late kick off against the likes of City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs etc. Obviously there will be other games where it can be unexpectedly good, especially if we're doing well, but those are the ones that in general will be better than most.

How Are the Pubs and Local Attractions in The Local Area?
Our location is very good, as like a lot of old grounds, the community has built up around it. You will never struggle to eat or drink around Goodison, as while we dont have a designated 'away' pub, away fans are welcome pretty much anywhere on County Road. County Road also has endless places to eat, from your McDonalds and Subway, to plenty of good little cafes and chippies. My personal favourite is the one opposite the church on Goodison Road.

Overall Score Out of 10?
You're not going to get a balanced answer here! I appreciate it isnt the nicest of grounds for away fans (and I do sit in the same stand as them as well, so I know how bad it can be!) but Id still always rather go to an old school ground like here than the new breed of out of town lego stadiums that are springing up everywhere.

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