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Stickied How could FCB be after Messi?


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Jan 17, 2015
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In terms of youth, talent and vigour, Lionel Messi is an example of the whole package. This is why he has remained such a valuable asset within the Barcelona roster since he first joined the team back in 2008. However, nothing lasts forever and it seems as if his tenure at FCB has come to an end. This is a massive blow for a team that has been struggling with performance issues as of late while still grappling with the ongoing health crisis that has been affecting Catalonia particularly harsh. Considering the fact that Barcelona fans are less than forgiving when this organisation fails to perform up to par, we are left wondering what the future might have in store when Messi does eventually depart.


A Changing of the Guard

It is only fair to mention that Barcelona has sourced a great deal of talent in recent times. Notwithstanding Messi, other names such as Pique, Perez, Vidal, and Semedo come to mind. However, none of these individuals is likely to possess the sheer prowess of Messi while on the pitch. This brings us to an important question. Will any personality be able to cement the team spirit of FCB like Messi was capable of doing in the past? If not, we could very well begin to witness a breakdown in cohesion.

Owner Issues

It has been rumoured that Messi decided to leave partially do to a fractured relationship with owner Josep Maria Bartomeu. Might other players feel the same way? Although Bartomeu is certainly no Pep Guardiola, he still brings much to the table in terms of talent and experience. Unless we learn more about why a rift grew between Messi and this manager, his exact influence upon the team is likely to remain unclear.

What Might the 2021 Season Have in Store?

Those who regularly play slots online are already aware that some games involve luck more than others. This is not the case with football. While certain players may be slightly superstitious in regards to how Messi's departure will affect the team, every individual needs to overcome such emotions in order to perform up to to par. Unfortunately, this has been an issue with Barcelona in the past.

We can envision this team as a vehicle being pushed up a hill. As long as every member continues to exert effort, the momentum will continue. Should this vehicle come to a halt, it will be nearly impossible to get moving once again. This scenario could very well play out in the 2021 season if Barcelona continues to perform poorly. When we also take into account that Messi has not even bothered to show up for recent training sessions, we are also forced to question whether he will exhibit the same enthusiasm while on the pitch.

Even novice fans are aware that FCB faces a rough road in the coming months; particularly once Messi finally departs. It will be interesting to see how the team and the entire city copes with his loss.

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