How to Find the Best Odds on the Market


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Jan 17, 2015
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The multitude of bookmakers available out there makes it hard for punters to identify the finest odds on the market, but BetOnValue might have the right answer for your worries. Thanks to the top-notch odds comparison software it uses, BoV can improve your betting experience in seconds.

The Perfect Bookmaker Doesn’t Exist​

Punters have a difficult job nowadays when they try to pick the best odds for the bets they want to place. In recent years a massive wave of newcomers entered the market, so betting offers and bookmakers have increased accordingly.

In these circumstances, it’s almost impossible to scan through hundreds of betting offers to spot the golden odds. In fact, since the prices shown by bookies shift all the time, it’s almost pointless to scan through all the numbers.

To avoid this kind of situation, you should always look for the simplest solution. There are a few odds comparison websites available that can help you hack the system and identify the finest betting odds.

BetOnValue is probably the best one (it’s by far the oldest) as it can scan through tens of thousands of odds at any time, almost instantly. The prices on are updated almost to the second, so you won’t miss the nice odds you were trying to put money on.

With BetOnValue, you will be able to analyse and see which bookmaker has the best odds for specific markets, like 1X2, Total Goals or Handicaps. There is no such a thing as “the best bookmaker”, as each bookmaker has good odds for a specific type of market.

That’s why using BetOnValue can help you identify those bookies which meet your needs and desires. Open a FREE account with BoV right now and take advantage of the highest odds on the market.

BetOnValue Bonus: Sure Betting to the Max!​

Besides the odds comparison service that it provides to its users, BetOnValue has other cards up its sleeve which help it create the ultimate betting experience. These tools can bring a significant increase in profits for those who use them properly.

The two concepts we’re about to discuss are Sure Betting and Value Betting. The first might be the only way to guarantee a win, regardless of the event’s outcome, but be careful! Bookmakers don’t allow this approach, even if it’s not illegal, so they are always on the hunt for those who use it.

How does it work? Let’s take a Liverpool - Manchester City game as an example. Bookmaker no. 1 might consider The Reds as favourites, so the odds they offer for this game are the following: Home Win - 2.00 (1/1), Draw - 3.50 (5/2) and Away Win - 4.00 (3/1).

On the other hand, Bookmaker no. 2 sees this clash as a more balanced affair and sets the odds accordingly. So the Home Win has a 2.50 (3/2) price, the Draw - 3.50 (5/2) and the Away Win - 3.50 (5/2).

In this case, if you have accounts on both bookmakers, you can make a 6,8% profit no matter what the final result. Is. You need to place a 42,75 units bet on the 2.50 odds for the Liverpool win, a 30.50 units wager on Draw and a 26.75 on City’s success with the first bookmaker. This way, you will get a guaranteed return of 106 units on the 100 units invested, regardless of the outcome.

Value Betting is another way to take advantage of the mistakes some bookmakers make when they set the odds. For example, Real Madrid is up to play Valencia at home, and the win for the hosts is valued at 2.00 (1/1). In normal circumstances, these are giant odds compared to the probability of Real Madrid winning.

BetOnValue has two special designated areas for Sure Bets and Value Bets, which are updated constantly, and at any time you can check to see what opportunities exist. You can even filter the bookmakers to only see the ones you are already “doing business” with.

So stop wasting your time and start making real profits! Just sign up for a FREE account on BetOnValue and make the most of your betting experience.

How Much Can You Win in 7 days?​

Since you got to this part of the article, we have a special gift for you. To make sure you experience first-hand what we’ve talked about, we offer you the chance to try a 7-day BetOnValue SILVER subscription. On us.

Just open an account using this LINK and then send the FREE7 bonus code to, and they will upgrade your account with a Silver subscription. Let us know how it works out for you. Good Luck!
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