Old Trafford- Manchester United FC Ground Guide


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Jan 17, 2015
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Old Trafford- Manchester United FC Ground Guide

How Easy Was The Ground to Get To (from the station, by car, etc)

Only ever drove, well signposted from the motorway and straight down Trafford Road.

If Applicable, How is Parking Near The Ground?
The traffic is understandably terrible given the size of the crowd. Id rather walk miles back to the car than sit in traffic for an hour, so I usually park around Broadway, just off the motorway and walk. There is a bit of free parking there on the industrial estates.

Based on Where You Were Sat, How Was the View?
The view is excellent from the away end. The fact the disabled area is in front of it means it is raised, so there are no bad seats in the away section at all.

How Were The Stewards on The Day?
They can be quite aggressive with us. Dont know if its because we're from Liverpool or what, but Ive seen stewards causing more fights inside and outside the ground than Ive seen caused by fans of either side. Very petty and a lot of overkill inside and out.

If You Ate at The Ground, How Would You Rate the Food?
Never ate.

How Was The Atmosphere At The Ground, From Both Sets of Supporters? Does the Stadium Hold the Noise?
Despite the reputation of it being full of tourists, the ones near the away end at least give it some, and with the away fans being tucked in a corner and surrounded, it can be very loud. You can really make some noise in the away end too.

How Are the Pubs and Local Attractions in The Local Area?
Awful. Anywhere nearby tends not to let away fans in at all, and even if you walk up to the row of shops off Matt Busby Way, Ive seen off licenses selling people beer, only for them to have it taken off them by police the second they step outside. Very away fan unfriendly.

Overall Score Out of 10?
Great ground, very imposing and impressive looking and a good away end. The fact it is such a chore due to there being nowhere for away fans to go scores it down.
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Jan 17, 2015
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West Ham
How easy was the ground to get to?
We stayed at a hotel in Manchester and got a taxi near to the ground, I'm sure it's very well signposted.

If Applicable, how is parking near the ground?
From what I could see there were quite a lot of parking places on or around the ground, however, the traffic is awful getting away from the ground so. It's probably best to park a way from the ground.

How were the stewards on the day?
Okay, didn't really notice them.

If you ate on the day, how was the food?
I had a hotdog which was pretty decent, there's quite a lot of food on offer there

How was the atmosphere?
I literally never heard the United fans at all throughout the match which lead to us calling out "Is this the Emirates?"

How are the pubs around the ground?
There aren't really any around the ground from what I saw, probably best to drink in the ground

Overall score out of 10?
It's an amazing ground although the home support lets it down, 9/10

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Jan 17, 2015
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Mino Raiola & Jorge Mendes
I've always managed to get out relatively quickly when parking in one of the £5 spots near Stretford High School. Although I think that's because I live north of Manchester and most people are heading south.

As a home fan you avoid quadrant seats or anything towards the top of the SAF stand, too far to enjoy the game and you're out of the atmosphere. I've always preferred the scoreboard end where everyone stands and you're near the away fans.

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