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Feb 4, 2022
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Soccer Fanwars

Soccer is the world's most popular sport. In fact, soccer fans sometimes fight each other to the point it might get violent. If you want to read more about how things are handled when soccer fans get crazy, or gamble on games via live black jack, keep reading!

Soccer Fights

English soccer supporters were for many years seen as the image of notorious hooliganism throughout the world. To keep peace among fans of local teams battling one another and with visitors, the police had to intervene on numerous occasions. Chelsea supporters were particularly violent in the 1980s. In the old days, even a desperate attempt was made to construct an electric fence between the stands and the field, but fortunately, it did not go so far.

How are things going today?

The safety of English and Welsh football stadiums has now been completely guaranteed. I must confess that with more rigorous attention to order among football stadiums on the part of the police, this problem could have been addressed. But one should not overlook the combined efforts of a number of organizations, including the Soccer Fans Federation.

Increased patrols by the club's internal security agents, which are made available to fans during matches, are among the most successful strategies. All potential tyrants are abducted at gunpoint by the team's "cops."

How to Prevent Fights From Happening After a Match

1. Be respectful to the players of both teams. Do not cheer for a goal if it goes against your team, no matter how much you disagree with the call.

2. Do not disrespect any decision made by referees or other officials in charge of the game. What they say is final and their job is very difficult, so there is no need to be mean about it. If you have a problem with something that happened in the match, do not express your opinion too loudly at the stadium because you may get ejected from the game or arrested by security agents, which nobody wants to see happen!

3. Give all players some space when they are on the field unless they come near you while playing or warm-up before a game.

4. Keep your emotions in check. Getting mad because your team lost or something went wrong can cause you to start a fight with another fan or even with players if they do not handle the loss well either.

Do not carry any weapons to the stadium, no matter how much your pride is hurt. Always remember that any type of sport is for the entertainment of the fans!

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