The Trophy formerly known as the Pizza Cup 2023/24

The Terminator

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Jan 18, 2015
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Leyton Orient
Personally I never had any kind of boycott (not that you said I did), I think my view is pretty mainstream in that it’s a very dull competition unless you get to a very advanced stage.

But I’ve even watched group games (on iFollow, mind), mainly because it’s a chance to see what our development squad kids are like.

I completely get the caution around “is this the thin end of the wedge to allowing EPL B-teams into actual league football”, but I don’t think that’s realistic and I think there would be a huge outcry if this went any further.

I think at most I saw one or two on our forum virtue-signalling that their boycott would remain in place for the final, but each to their own.

In the interests of fairness, I have to say I’ve broken my own boycott in the past - I had never watched (in person or on stream) a single game involving the Franchise until a couple of seasons ago, when we were angling for the playoffs. I didn’t watch our home playoff semi (1st leg) against them, but couldn’t quite stand not to see the 2nd leg (on iFollow). So there’s my hypocrisy bubble burst.
No dig aimed at anyone! I was Just curious tbh, as I know a lot of people from our end would almost certainly go to the final if we made it there despite boycotting every round until that point :bg:

Thing is, I know if we’d made the final and I’d boycotted every game until that point - I KNOW I would go to the final, I wouldn't be able to help myself and I know 99% of others would be the same.

Thing is, even though you lost the game, you probably had a good day out regardless. Can’t put a price on a day out at a final with family and friends IMO.

Si Robin

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Apr 25, 2015
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Cheltenham Town
I've never actively boycotted this comp, I just never went to the games. Last season though, I took my son to the quarter final against Salford because we'd just signed Will Goodwin so wanted to see what he was like, and then I felt obliged to go to Plymouth for the semi-final. Partly because of the chance to get to Wembley, but also because it was the school holidays so was a chance to take my son to a midweek away day.

I understand those that maintain the boycott and more power to them. But I think the initial outrage was enough to make clubs realise this really is how far it will be allowed - I accept that may be naivety on my part though.

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