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Stickied Third Week for National Football League: Stats, Prediction for LV Props & Teams


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Jan 17, 2015
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Owned by the Rooney family, the Steelers team could face a wavering composure for the upcoming league. All three players including Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell and Ben Roethlisberger upheld their team by showcasing immaculate and unswerving performance since the past seasons and the Pittsburgh guys also encompass a handful of other alternatives which harmonize with the trio.

Collegiate player Martavis Bryant is the big game’s contender who has stupendous path chasing tactic and stamina to make it big at the forthcoming games. Bryant averages with 21.0 yards for each receiving following the initial couple of games for 2016-17. 23-year old Jesse James comes close with 10 receptions which includes two touchdowns making a superb tight end player.

Greens, Gold and Bears

The second week came rough as sandpaper for the Pittsburg players with the home match alongside the Vikings team after making a fight back in the initial game. They had survived longer than the Cleveland Browns as the Steelers now make their way towards the Soldier Field to engage against Chicago Bears. However, the cluster seems to be playing in a restricted mode once again in this week.

The Bears team of late observes an evolution for which amateur Mitch Trubisky, the quarterback player, might as well clear the stage of Mike Glennon. The currently serving player finds it difficult to unearth open receivers and takes too much time for passing the ball with a tad of deficiency in precision. Mitch had the better of Mike with a large perimeter at the preseason games and it all boils down on Coach John Fox to come to a decision. The Chicago team will indulge in a forthcoming game against the Green & Gold boys after playing a session with the Vikings in the 6th week. Adam L. Jahns, hailing from Chicago and a few others from the team assume that Trubisky might overturn the tables this time.

Powerful Steel Defense

The Pittsburg cluster in the Premier League games is currently the 7-pt preferred over their Chicago counterparts as stated by renowned sportsbooks. The Steelers encompass a powerful defense stratagem which is probable to affix a lot of force on Mike Glennon. If such demands pave the way for a handful of premature turnovers, a single-handed Steelers team has the potential to emerge victorious. We recommend taking the Pittsburg Steelers into consideration as they have showed much improvement in the past seasons which is a tad opposing to the Chicago Bears.

Houston Texans Take over Football Odds


Offense side of the Texan team is now in the courts of promising quarterback Deshaun Watson while chief trainer Bill understands the greenhorn will get a rubbing up the dust as they move to Massachusetts, Foxborough to be precise for the impending Super Bowl games. Despite the previously underestimated performance made by Tom Savage in the first week, the coach let this one pass and gave Watson a better deserving start while competing against the Cincinnati team during the second week. Deshaun experienced some teething problems in the beginning however he recuperated with forty-nine yards and 125 passes and led his Texan mates for a glorious win. It should not come as a surprise that the Houston boys are a promising bet.

Patriotic Patriots Rule the Roost

Even as the introductory week spewed bad news for the New England team, they made a healthy recovery via thirty-six points while battling it out with the Saints. Free betting portals had previously predicted such odds for the team; nevertheless, it’s not right to pass judgment straightaway on the Patriots as they have a lot to learn and teach veteran Tom Brady; including his attitude over the rivals on a week-game foundation.

Injury over Saints

The New Orleans Saints have unarguably the most putrid guard strategies in the league, while the Houston boys encompass the finest. Speaking of a solitary player’s performance, the trio of Whitney Mercilus, Jadeveon Clowney and Watt have taken the Texans to the top-slots of the roster. After the injury of New England’s player Rob Gronkowski during the second week, Boston Globe’s Jim McBride considered it as “nothing serious” since injuries can be complicated. Furthermore, Rob’s account of injuries could have given head trainer Bill Belichick all the reasons for apprehension to assign him any further tasks.

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