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    Pre-Season 2015/16

    intelligent and high quality question friend. as a neutral i feel i am best placed to answer these types of questions without bias. i wouldnt say liverpools season is over now friend no. when you look at the players rodgers has brought in and the tactics he plays as well as the state of the...
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    Pre-Season 2015/16

    in a desperate attempt to beat porto u21 liverpool u21 added coutinho and emre can to the starting line up and they still lost!!!
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    Pre-Season 2015/16

    James Pearce ✔ @JamesPearceEcho This should be a proper rout. I'm going for 8-0 #LFCTour 1:48 PM - 24 Jul 2015 liverpools full strength side struggled to a 1-1 draw actually james.
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    Are 'Cash in hand'chester United trying to buy success?

    youve always had your massive spending teams like man united and liverpool and recently man city and chelsea. i suppose the difference between 3 of those teams and one of them is that 3 of them tend to spend money on quality and that more often reflects in the table and that one team buys total...
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    Premier League Squad Review 2015/16

    i picked a number out of a hat and the team assigned to the number was liverpool so i will analyse their squad clyne = average right back but anything is better then glen johnson. coleman is better. enrique = charlie chaplin lookalike that spends more time getting him and his girlfriends...
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    2015-2016 biggest flop signing watch

    first of all johnny i just want to say this is a great thread idea. firmino is a good shout but i think origi will flop. and whoever liverpool sign to play striker. he shall flop.
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    Top 6 Bottom 3 - 2015/16 Season Predictions.

    chelsea arsenal man united everton man city spurs --------------------- leicester norwich liverpool
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    The Euro 2016 qualifiers thread

    having a look at the 23 man squad today i am very pleased except for the inclusions of henderson, sterling, lallana and milner. we dont have a bad squad but when you see joker wastes of space like that it really makes you shake your head in disbelief absolutely no doubt about that.
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    Stickied Spanish Football

    absolutely no doubt about it.
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    Stickied Spanish Football

    neymar and messi are unbelievable together. suarez is a few levels below them absolutely no doubt about that.
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    Heysel 30 years ago this week

    even i think johnnyknob is being a bit of a prick here and id sooner lick a cats sphincter than side with liverpool absolutely no doubt about that.
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    Dirtiest player in the premier league this season?

    does anyone remember the stevie me elbow on michael brown? i dont expect any of the liverpool fans on here to remember but it was nasty. fellaini is clearly one of the worst offenders in current times but he has got funny hair so its cartoonish not violent. stevie me has continued to do it over...
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    Is Brendan Rogers position under threat ?

    my 32nd post on here...hope its a good one! liverpool football club and its fanbase make me physically sick.