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Jan 17, 2015
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Ipswich Town
Transcript below. Issue has not yet been identified.

Noah D 13:07
Hello. How may I help you?

Welcome to Live Chat Support. How may I assist you today?
James Papworth 13:07

Website is down.

Please access server
Noah D 13:08
Matched with main account pin

Okay i am accessing your server to check the same

Kindly check ticket NUP-145-61333 and update us

We tried to contact you multiple times regarding the migration of your existing VM from current cluster to newly configured cluster due to performance degradation on hardware node where your current server is hosted. However we have not yet received any confirmation from you.
James Papworth 13:12
Yes, we are not ready to do so

Server needs to be reactivated right now. It's the weekend

No excuses./
Noah D 13:14
Yes i am check i am checking your server issue

As Our proactive monitoring system detected performance degradation on the hardware node where your current server is hosted, as a preventive action we will be moving servers from the current cluster to the newly configured cluster. we will take care of your migration and once you confirm all things are working from new server then we will close your old server
James Papworth 13:15
Noah D 13:15
Kindly update us on above ticket and mean while i am checking your server issue
James Papworth 13:15
I need the site back online now though. As it's our busiest day of the week.
Noah D 13:16
Yes i can understand your concern i am working on it mean while please update on ticket also

Have you update on ticket ?
James Papworth 13:26

We are not doing the migration today.


It's the weekend

Just get the site back online please.
Noah D 13:26
Yes kindly update the same on ticket and i am also checking your server issue from console
James Papworth 13:26

What do you want me to update?!

Saying what?
Noah D 13:27
We recommend you kindly first update you on ticket when you want to do migration

You will just need to confirm the date and time so that we will schedule it accordingly.
James Papworth 13:31
OK thank you
Noah D 13:31
Have you updated on ticket ?

You will just need to mentioned date and time when you want to schedule migration and further our migration team will take care of your complete migration. Once your accounts are migrated to new serve you can check working of its by adding local hosts entry and once you confirm all things are working fine from new server then you can update your DNS records and then we will decommission your old server, so please do not worry about migration. we will take care of it
James Papworth 13:34
OK I will do that now

Why is it taking so long to get the site back online?

What's the issue
Noah D 13:36
Yes seems to be there is some network issue and i am checking from console with my senior please allow me some time

Mean while please update on ticket
Noah D 13:44
Have you update on ticket NUP-145-61333 ?
James Papworth 13:48

Have you diagnosed the current issue
Noah D 13:50
Yes our admin is working on it

We will surely migrate your accounts on 13th Friday but kindly keep eye on ticket on Friday
James Papworth 13:51
Thanks. But this isn't the main thing we should be focusing on right now. Today is match day and we are offline
Noah D 13:52
Yes i can understand your concern and our senior admin is working on it. It should be fixed as soon as possible.

Please allow us some more time
Noah D 14:01
Now server is online please check

Please check your website now
James Papworth 14:02

Please restart all apache services they are likely stuck in error state
Noah D 14:02
Yes it i was stuck and i have started it
James Papworth 14:03
Still waiting.


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Aug 28, 2014
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Sods law the site seems to be running really well now there is no football to talk about!

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