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  1. Braindead

    The West Midlands Thread

    Why Burton, according to the BBC and ITV we get the West Midlands local news but if I want to know the weather I'm completely fucked because we don't get mentioned on either West or East. Guess we are too tinpot even for the news, let alone the championship.
  2. Braindead

    Ranieri Sacked

    Fuckin stupid decision, I'm starting to think my wife is right when she told me anybody who has owt to do with football these days is an idiot.
  3. Braindead

    Match Day Burton vs Brum

    Think its just the 1 don't worry bout a thing. Perfectly apt really in the circumstances we find ourselves in, almost certs to go down at start of season (and probably still are), but don't worry everything will alright with Sir Ben in charge
  4. Braindead

    Brewers v Sheep

    Won't sell out because of the idiotic ticketing arrangement's we have I think it would be easier to book a holiday to North fuckin Korea than go through the all the claptrap required to get a ticket.
  5. Braindead

    Burton Albion as an away day

    Doombar is bats pish,it's got about as much Cornwall in it as I have.
  6. Braindead

    Burton Albion vs. Sheffield Wednesday

    My piss is itching, that was the best Burton Albion performance I've ever seen. No backs to the wall ,no flucky goals just win the game by being better than your opposition,and that's the truth. But of coarse little Burton can't play Wednesday off the park can they? Well they fuckin well did...
  7. Braindead

    Burton Albion vs Bristol City

    Fuckin hell we can't be that bad as we are still above the toon and all there riches. Me dad bless him must be making fuckin hell up there, being a born and bred Geordie, he would not believe it possible.
  8. Braindead

    Shittest pub you've ever been in - Championship Edition

    When you come to Burton try the Hanbury arms in Sydney street 5 mins from ground,proper Burton boozer plenty of punters in with there tongues hanging out. You will all love the ambiance of drinking in a proper Burton shit hole.
  9. Braindead

    Squad Currently

    Relegation ceartanties at Forest Mcglauclin Flanagan Turner. Moushino. McCrory McFazdean Akins. Irvine. Dyer Beavon O'Grady
  10. Braindead

    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    Fuckin ell his speech was pre written,what did he do if we won slip it in his arse pocket and wait till after the next game ,wanker.
  11. Braindead

    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    Thou Thought you were being ironic as he was only on for five fuckin minutes
  12. Braindead

    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    I've fuckin had it ,Kane we are playing football you twat not rugby.
  13. Braindead

    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    Not one of these cock womblers should ever wear the shirt again.
  14. Braindead

    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    Bring Milner on Woy to completely finish the fuckin job off you knob
  15. Braindead

    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    Fuck that c*** Kane off, fuck me cows arses and banjo's